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 Sara Mod Apply

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PostSubject: Sara Mod Apply   Sara Mod Apply EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 9:50 am

[> 2. real life name - Sara
in-game name - Sara

[> 2. Why should we pick you as a mod? Well, i should be a good mod aswell, i was mod/admin in some other servers and ppl liked me, why not here? Maybe because i started but i guess i should help, but you choose, not me =D

[> 3. What can you do for the community & server? I could help ppl doing guides, making videos of server, skills/quest guides. (:

[> 4. Are you good with any softwares like: photoshop , sony vegas? No ._.

[> 5. Why are you different from any others? I dont really know, lol, well, maybe because i dont know how to use photoshop or sony vegas Very Happy

[> 6. How much online would you be? in-game & forums? Well, 5 hrs or more =)

[> 7. Would you be helpfull to other players? Maybe, they choose if i am helpfull not me =p

[> 8. Can you be serious , and not only playing. but help other players? Yes, of course =D

[> 9. Are you willing to have some fun!? Sure, with players and staff but, i will be serious too, when i need to be.

[> 10. How old are you? 16 and you? Very Happy

[> 11. Do you feel like you are mature? Yes, sometimes nope, depends of the time =/

EDIT: by Starfan28; I was co-owner on a server where Sara was mod. shes a great mod and helps ALOT.

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PostSubject: Re: Sara Mod Apply   Sara Mod Apply EmptyFri Jul 02, 2010 10:07 am

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Sara Mod Apply
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