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 Ingame rules

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PostSubject: Ingame rules   Ingame rules EmptyThu Jun 24, 2010 7:09 am

no swearing - we accept swearing up to a certin point, dont over do it.

do not mass the stalls -don't mass the thieving stalls(click more than 1 time in 4 seconds), this is punishable by jail.

no begging! -please, no beggers. the people on this server have worked very hard for their money/items. EARN YOUR ITEMS AND MONEY

don't ask for staff -please don't ask for staff, Fill out an application and wait for a response!

DO NOT IMPERSONATE STAFF! - this is a HUGE rule and is punishible by either a perment BAN of your account or perment IP mute

LISTEN TO STAFF - listen to our staff, if they tell you to stop doing something. stop doing it. punishable by whatever means the staff member deems necessary

NO DUPING - if you are cought duping items your account will be cleared and reset.

no flaming -flaming is things like saying *your a noob* then when it turns into a huge fight its called flaming - punishable by mute
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Ingame rules
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