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 lama's application

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silly lama

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PostSubject: lama's application   lama's application EmptySun Jul 18, 2010 10:23 am

[> 1. Real life name - in-game name - kim

[> 2. Why should we pick you as a mod? - because i feel like im resposible enough to handle and problems that the server might have in the future.

[> 3. What can you do for the community & server? - i can make the server more enjoyable for new and online players whenever im on and they want help with anything at the moment.

[> 4. Are you good with any softwares like: photoshop , sony vegas? - no i am not i'm terrible most of the time with any new program i use sorry about that lol ;P

[> 5. Why are you different from any others? - because most arnt mature enough to be staff members when they just break the rules anyways so i feel like i would do a good job.

[> 6. How much online would you be? in-game & forums - i would be on fourms most of the time except for when im away.

[> 7. Would you be helpfull to other players? - yes i feel like i would because i could show them things and ytu to do my best for me and other players online.

[> 8. Can you be serious , and not only playing. but help other players? - yes i would and yes i can be serious and i dont mind if i dont play much i would also like to helm new and online players.

[> 9. Are you willing to have some fun!? - sure, sometime but if i get the job i would be helping them and the other players.

[> 10. How old are you? - i'm 14.

[> 11. Do you feel like you are mature?
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lama's application
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