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 Anthony for mod

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PostSubject: Anthony for mod    Anthony for mod  EmptySun Sep 05, 2010 11:19 pm

[> 1. Real life name - in-game name: Anthony

[> 2. Why should we pick you as a mod? I would love to be mod because ive had alot of experience i was admin for baked peekay and mod for a-scape i pulled in over 50 votes for each server and im sure i can do the same for this server also i promise if you make me your mod you will not be upset you will be satisfyed by what ive not for this server thanks and please make me your mod

[> 3. What can you do for the community & server? i can do alot i can do whatever you want me to do if you want votes ill give you votes if you want people im sure i can bring atleast 2 people ever 2 days its hard to find people that plays these kinds of games but illl try my best

[> 4. Are you good with any softwares like: photoshop , sony vegas?

[> 5. Why are you different from any others?: i am different from the others because they want to be mod for the stuff they get i want to mod so i can help make this server even better and help people who is on the server get better.

[> 6. How much online would you be? in-game & forums how ever long you want me to stay on

[> 7. Would you be helpfull to other players? i can help other players by helping them feel comfortable and make them never want to quit this server

[> 8. Can you be serious , and not only playing. but help other players? yes

[> 9. Are you willing to have some fun!? yes

[> 10. How old are you? 16

[> 11. Do you feel like you are mature? yes
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Anthony for mod
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